Bacterial Leaf Scorch

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As spring begins, trees are starting to bloom, so take a minute to notice the conditions of newly sprouted leaves. These leaves are an important indicator of the over all health and condition of the tree. If you notice browning around the outer edges while the center of the leaf is still green or a yellowish border it may be bacterial leaf scorch.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch is caused primarily by leafhoppers. These insects having piercing mouth-parts that allow them to suck water and nutrients from trees. Once a leafhopper comes into contact with the bacteria (Xylella fastidiosa) from a previously infected tree is transmits it to other trees during feeding. The bacteria then infects the xylem which is the water transporting system of the tree.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch may eventually kill a tree if not treated. There is no cure for it, but can be controlled through the use of systemic bactericides. This may take several treatments, but once contained it may only be a yearly application. Catching this problem early makes it easier to manage, so take a minute every once in a while to look up.

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