Hedge Trimming Around Dallas

Hedges are a great way to frame your landscaping or create a natural fence. Just like every other living thing, however, they require care to flourish. When done correctly, hedge trimming can be good for the shrubs. However, if done improperly, you may do more harm than good.

Why Hedge Trimming

  • Hedge trimmingHedges are touching buildings
  • Hedges are blocking windows and walkways
  • Shaped hedges have grown out
  • Dead sections need to be removed
  • Hedges need to be trimmed away from other plants

When You Should Do Hedge Trimming

When to do hedge trimming depends on the reason for your actions. If you are trimming or pruning the hedges to get rid of dead or diseased portions, you want to do this as soon as you notice the problem. This will limit the spread of disease and reduce the number of insects attracted to your hedge’s damaged portions. When you are trimming for other reasons, the best time to do hedge trimming will depend on the plant in question. Please consult with one of our Certified Arborist about what is best for your hedges.

Who should Trim Your Hedges?

Some hedges are easy to trim and access but others require hiring a professional. Knowing the difference in the species and how to best prune them will help keep hedges healthy and beautiful. Professionals know the best time of year for different species and can advise the best practices. Most importantly, because professionals are familiar with the proper techniques, they are able to stay safe during hedge trimming

Hedge trimming

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