Stump GrindingStump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted tree stumps and roots.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

  • No hole to fill with new topsoil
  • No root to haul away
  • Easy to  relandscape

Why stump grinding?

Stump grinding removes the stump and the surrounding surface runner-roots left after a tree has been removed.
Stumps should be removed to reduce insect activity, reduce new and unwanted growth, provide room for further landscaping, and for improved aesthetics.

Our stump grinder is 35 inches wide and 7 feet long. It has a 10 inch round blade that grinds the stumps into mulch 4- 6 inches below current grade.
If your stump is in a smaller area with limited access we have a smaller grinder.



Once all of the woody material has been ground, the wood chips are pushed back into the hole that the grinder created. This is a service called “grinding and backfilling the stump.” Please note that all of the material is left on site, in a pile usually about 10%-20% larger in diameter than the original stump. We suggest raking the excess mulch into the grass for nutrients, adding it to flower pots or landscaping, or using the rest for compost. If resodding the area, leave a mound of mulch above grade level, then add approximately 2″of soil, and then lay sod. This will reduce sinkholes forming in your yard as the mulch rots away.  Dallas Tree Surgeons is happy to haul away the mulch for an additional fee.*

Stump grinding is a very common service that Dallas Tree Surgeons provides. There are a wide variety of underground utilities and sprinkler systems unique to each property. Please inform us of any and all underground systems prior to work, and while we will use the utmost caution on your property and will take full responsibility for anything damaged above ground, any underground damage is the sole responsibility of the property owner. Before any work begins, Dallas Tree Surgeons will let you know if there is a high risk of damage associated with stump grinding on each individual basis.

Certain species of trees (willow, cottonwood, chinaberry, crepe myrtle, etc.) are able to sprout long after stump grinding has been completed. This also occurs with younger trees that have enormous energy reserves in their root systems. We recommend using a woody stem killer for these sprouts or, if you prefer an organic option, you can use white vinegar. Please tell us what your intended goals are for grinding the stump, and we will advise you on the best course of action.

Pricing: Dallas Tree Surgeons charges by diameter inch for stump grinding. Diameter inch is determined by measuring from the farthest tip of visible root to farthest tip of visible root (please see photo below). Please measure the diameter inches of the stump you would like to have removed and call our team for pricing information.

*Please ask for pricing of mulch removal as well (otherwise all ground stump material is left on the property).

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