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Dallas Tree Surgeons is seeing an increase in tree care needs in Plano and surrounding cities (Allen, Frisco, McKinney). The population explosion of the 1990s that occurred in Plano led to many homes being built and many young trees being planted simultaneously. Red Oak, Live Oaks, Cedar Elms and Pecans are just now reaching maturity. Homeowners in Plano are finally beginning to experience the full benefits of mature trees. A few of these benefits are a reduction of utilities, reduction in sound pollution, an increase in privacy, and increase in shade, and beautification of the streets. These native Texas trees set Plano neighborhoods apart from others and increase property value however they also require more care. To see a list of big tree in Plano visit These large trees require trimming, repair from storm damage, cabling, and plant heath care (i.e. deep root fertilization, sick tree treatments, soil aeration) as they age to maintain their health and beauty (make sure you use an ISA certified arborist). Other trees planted that tend to grow quickly or are not native to Plano Texas such as Bradford Pears and Maples are starting to become diseased, dangerous, and die requiring advanced plant health care, removal and planting new trees to replace them. To adopt a tree in Plano visit The variety of tree service needs in DFW vary so much from city to city and Dallas Tree Surgeons offers a full spectrum of tree service.

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